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First Vice President Dostum Reconciles with President Ghani

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2016)

6First Vice President Gen, Abdul Rashid Dostum reconciles with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani after week’s absence in Kabul, assuring that he will stay beside the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for upcoming 3 years of the National Unity Government period.

While being in Jawzjan, said the criticism made over the President of Afghanistan was to launch reformation on the current system of Afghanistan Government.

First Vice President Gen, Dostum said, “We realized the tricks of each other, we are not disappointed  anymore, and I  do not support weakening the current Government system of Afghanistan.”

He insisted on staying with National Unity Government for the upcoming 3 years.

“If no criticism is made then there will be no reformation, what I have done was from the perspective of sympathy, as I promised President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani I will stay with him for coming 3 years of his Government.” First Vice President Gen, Dostum said.

Earlier First Vice President had accused President of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for being arrogant and was urging that President did not appoint him as the First Vice President and he cannot take it back the post from him.

Reported by: Bais Hayat

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