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‘First Lady Rula Ghani’ Urges Prevention of Breast Cancer

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2014)


Afghanistan’s new first lady Rula Ghani has urged country-wide awareness program for women to prevent the fatal disease of breast cancer found in women.

Talking in a ceremony marking Breast Cancer Awareness Day in Kabul, Rula Ghani stressed the need for improved health care services to women of Afghanistan to fight the said disease.

“Afghan women need strong attention in health sector,” first lady stated. “Measurements should be taken to prevent all those diseases threatening the lives of Afghan women.”

Expressing concerns over high price of treatment of breast cancer in the country, the acting public health minister Suraya Dalil demanded government’s serious attention to women’s health.

She demanded long-term health insurance must be provided to the citizens.

Breast cancer is one of the dangerous diseases found in women, mostly in the age of above 40. Based on health reports, the disease has grown rapidly in women since 2008 in most of the developed countries.

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