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First Center for Distribution of Electronic ID Cards Opened in Kabul

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

The Population Registration Directorate has opened the first distribution center for electronic National Identity Cards (e-NIC) in Kart-e-Char area of Kabul, following years of dispute between the senior government officials over the issue.

The e-NIC distribution process was officially kicked off by President Ashraf Ghani in the Presidential Palace about two weeks ago. But he faced opposition from a number of government officials including Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

“We have opened the first e-Tazkira distribution center in Kart-e-Char area of Kabul City, and thereafter, our  compatriots can get the e-Tazkira forms from the center,” said Rohullah Ahmadzai, Spokesman of the Population Registration department.

Ahmadzai added that the distribution of e-NIC to all citizens will take three to five years. However, security threats are considered to be a major in e-NIC roll out process.

“We are in contact with security institutions and they have assured us that will work on maintaining security of the centers, and they even have implemented their plans in some centers,” Ahmadzai said.

This comes after  years of controversy, and continued dispute over the word “Afghan” recorded on the e-NIC.

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