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First 100 days over, but no cabinet

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2015)


Afghanistan national unity government marked its first 100 days but still struggling to announce the new cabinet.

The government of national unity’s failure in its first 100 days is caused by tensions in Afghanistan citadel, said a number of Afghan analysts.

Some of Afghan political analysts have said that controversies on cabinet positions made the country’s affairs to the stalemate.

They stressed that further delays in announcement of cabinet will be challenging for the country.

The chief of executive officer, Abdullah Abdullah is said to consider the existence discontents are the right of Afghan people and emphasized that the result of new cabinet will be soon announced.

President Ghani and CEO, Abdullah had 9 visits to the countries of the world in the first 100 days that the president’s efforts was to strengthen ties with the world.

The first step for the government of national unity was the signing of Security Agreement with US and NATO.

About 17,000 foreign troops will remain in Afghanistan this year, focusing on training the Afghan security forces and conducting a limited counter-terrorism mission.

The remained US and NATO troops in Afghanistan is scheduled to stay in the country by the end of 2016.

In the meantime, Some Afghan citizens criticize and said that the national unity government has not achieved anything in its first 100 days.

They added that they were optimistic at the beginning of the formation of national unity government.

100 days has passed since the inauguration of new government but it did not have any significant achievements to convince Afghan people.

President Ghani has promised the government to form a new cabinet within 45 days but he is failed to do so.

Ghani was eventually inaugurated on September 29 after agreeing to a power-sharing deal with his poll rival Abdullah Abdullah, who was appointed “chief executive” — a new role similar to prime minister.

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