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Fire, Explosions at Gas Terminal in Herat Killed 12

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2015)


Large explosions at a gas terminal in western Herat province of Afghanistan killed 12 people and injured at least six others late on Monday night.

Abdul Rahim Akbari head of firefighter department in Herat province told to Ariana News that fire started last night around 12:00 am in Dahana-e-Kamar Kalagh area in the city.

“Five wounded people were in a critical health condition and were taken to Iran for treatment,” Akbari added,” Women, children and old men are among the fatalities.”

It was not immediately clear whether the explosions were an accident or the result of an attack.

It is the main gas terminal supplying gas to western provinces of the country where major gas reserves are located.

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