Finance Minister Submits Draft Budget of 1396 to Lower House

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2016)

vlcsnap-2016-11-30-15h32m24s137The proposed draft budget for the solar year 1396, was presented today to the National Assembly by the finance minister for consideration and discussion.

Afghan finance minister, Eklil Hakemi says the draft budget for the next fiscal year is 466 billion AFN which 287 billion allocates to the ordinary budget and 178 billion to the development budget.

The most costs dedicated to security, infrastructure, and training and agriculture sectors.


-36 % for security

-21 % for infrastructure

-13 % for education

-6 % for agriculture

Finance minister noted that the rate of Afghanistan’s economic growth was 2,9 in the current year and the figure is predicted to be 3,5 and 4 for the next two years.

Eklil Hakemi has also said about the domestic revenue that 150 billion AFN is predicted for the upcoming year.

According to Hakemi, the draft budget for 1396 was prepared with the given balance, needs and priorities of development for the country.

“The next year’s budget prepared with regard to financial resources, including Afghanistan’s development programs, economic growth, consumption capacity of offices, within the framework of the Afghanistan National Development and Government’s commitment to the international community and the Afghan people,” said finance minister, Eklil Hakemi.

Finance minister further added that 177 new projects has considered for development budget of next year which is mostly in infrastructure, agriculture, education and health sectors.

However, a number of parliament members called some of the costs of this budget ‘imaginary’.

“The budget should not be imaginary and ministers must not be questioned,” said Khalilulah Shahid Zada, representative of Herat.

Abdul Qader Qalatwall, Member of Parliament has also said, “Justice has not been considered the draft should be rejected.”

Finance minister called the lack of spending development budget one of the serious problems.

He considered the lack of detailed office plans, weak capacity of administrative, weakness in the control of projects, lack of responsibility, corruption and interventions of powerful the main reasons for spending development budget.

Reported by Lida Neyazi

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