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Finance Minister Eklil Hakemi Resigns

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

The Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi, one of the top allies of President Ghani resigned on Tuesday morning, citing personal reasons.

Speaking during a press conference, Hakimi said Wednesday would be his last day in office.

“I was no longer able to handle this important responsibility, and President Ghani will appoint another minister in the near future,” Hakimi said.

The finance minister considered the next six year a final point in international assistances to Afghanistan and emphasized the country has many opportunities to be self-sufficient.

“Afghanistan will have difficult years up to the year 2024. As we talked to the donor countries, the assistance will not be continued and we have just six years to be self-sufficient,” he added.

Hakimi, a former ambassador to Washington and a trusted interlocutor with Western partners, has been a key force in President Ghani’s government.

This comes as at least four cabinet ministers have been dismissed or resigned in the past month.

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