Final Decision on NEIC Underway By President Ghani

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2015)


One source has told to Ariana News that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani after holding consultancy sessions with Jihadi leaders, powerful figures on mention the Afghan word in National Electronic Identity Cards will take his final decision on it,however Afghan experts have insisted on implementation of Afghanistan’s constitution instead of doing consultants with elders.

Recently Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has decided to have word with Jihadi leaders, influenced powerful figures, to have their views on mentioning the word of Afghan on NEIC.

One sources close to President has reported about the three option plot in the two options the Nationality and tribe will be mentioned but in the third one no Nationality and tribe to be mentioned,but Afghan law experts have accused the Government for poor management and performances.

Professor Wadir Safi said,” its better to implement the Afghanistan’s constitution than receiving views and comments,if we keep ignoring the law,it will not be implemented at all.”

Ariana News reporter Ahmad Farshad Saleh said efforts were made to have the Presidential palace spokesmen views on the aspect but none has provided information.

Afghan law makers Raihana Azad said,” since we have the constitution no need for political acts,our neighboring countries have always used divide and role by observing on Nationality, tribe, religion in Afghanistan’s affairs.”

The concerns over the issue comes after that National Eletronic Identity Cards were supposed to issue weeks ago due to some disagreement in between the two National Unity Leaders it was postponed for the unclear future,after several issues the International community have stopped aiding the following process.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh


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