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Fifty Senior Gov’t Officials apply for Electronic ID Cards: ACCRA

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2018)

At least 50 high-ranking government officials have applied for electronic National Identity Card (e-NIC) and that their names have been entered into the database, Afghanistan Central Civil Registration Authority (ACCRA) said on Saturday.

Rohullah Ahmadzai, Spokesman of ACCA told Ariana News that the issuance of new ID cards will be inaugurated in Kabul in the near future and the president will be the first person to receive the card.

The move, however has followed strong reaction of the Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah’s office, as it said that the issuance of e-NIC is an important national issue and it requires further discussion and a “national consensus”.

Addressing an event to mark the 29th anniversary of the withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan on Saturday, Abdullah said that any decision contrary to the will of people, will lead the country into crisis.

He said any decision related to public should be taken wisely in order to preserve the unity of the people.

This comes as Mohammad Khan First Deputy of the Chief Executive has also announce his support for the electronic National Identity Cards’ roll out.

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