Feldman: Taliban Should Choose One; Peace or War

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2015)


Daniel F. Feldman, US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan declared that the armed Taliban group must take a decision for continuation of war or peace.

US Special Representative for Afghanistan said that the former Taliban leader, Mullah Omar’s death is an essential opportunity for decision making of Taliban.

After the apparent confirmation of the death of the Taliban leader Mullah Omar, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, Omar’s deputy for several years announced the new leader for Taliban group.

However, there have been disagreements within the Taliban in recent time between supporters and opponents of Mansoor.

Daniel Feldman in an interview with Ariananews is said to consider Pakistan’s cooperation in Afghan Peace Process and Afghanistan stability effective and emphasized that both sides must have a joint cooperation for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

“We praise Pakistan’s efforts for supporting Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks and America is also supporting the process without any preconditions,” Feldman said.

The Pakistani military has long been accused of using the Taliban as proxies to control Afghanistan.

The top American diplomat working on Afghan peace efforts says the United States hopes all sides will move toward a normal peace talks following confirmation of Mullah Omar’s death.

“This is a clear moment of opportunity and we strongly encourage the Taliban to use this time of opportunity to make a genuine peace with the Afghan government and to rebuild their lives in peace in Afghanistan,” Feldman added.

US envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan also emphasized on the 13 years achievements of Afghanistan.

“The National Unity Government (NUG) is acting better than the last government because NUG believes in providing peace and stability,” Feldman noted.

He stated there is a need for the Afghan national unity government to ensure unity of views while approaching the reconciliation process that he said was key to a stable and sustainable Afghanistan.

Feldman said it is too early to speculate on what possible decisions the Taliban under its new leadership is going to make about the reconciliation process or any other issues. But they should take a decision.

“Taliban obviously is a secretive organization, to begin with, which sought to keep the issue of “Omar’s” death secret,” Feldman said. “I cannot speculate as to what certain entities or individuals may have known or when.

While these statements being raised that Pakistani border forces once again attacked on Afghanistan border in Kunar province on Monday, killing an Afghan border police and wounding 7 others.

Beyond these internal debates, the fact that the Taliban’s negotiating position does not appear to have changed in any significant way is also grounds for concern.

The Taliban remains committed to continuing their military campaign in order to strengthen its negotiating position and to avoid the risk of a full-scale rupture in its ranks that any major steps in the direction of peace – such as agreeing to a ceasefire – could entail.

The Afghan government was unsuccessful in getting the Taliban to commit to a ceasefire for the Eid holiday (possibly reflecting the limits of the political leadership to control the actions of fighters on the ground).

The Taliban also voiced longstanding demands that foreign military forces leave Afghanistan, UN sanctions be lifted, Taliban prisoners freed, and the Afghan Constitution amended.






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