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FEFA Hopes to See Election Results Soon

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2014)


The Afghanistan Election monitoring institutions have hoped to have the second round of the presidential Election results before 01, Sep, 2014 on their hands.

Fair and Free Afghanistan Election institution FEFA demanded that the results for the Presidential Election should be announced on its determined date and the auditing process ended.

They have also asked that political debates in between the two Presidential candidates should not stop the auditing process any more.

Fair and Free Election in Afghanistan FEFA executive chief Yusuf Rashid said,” despite of political agreements made in between the two candidates IEC to speed up the auditing process and from the other hands political agreements among the two Presidential campaigners have also promoted.

IEC officials also seeking to end the auditing process and increase the numbers of groups for vote’s invalidation process up to 300 .



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