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Fatality of Mothers, Children Shocks Afghan Officials

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2015)



Maternity of mothers and children shocks Afghanistan’s Governmental officials.

CEO Abdullah Abdullah has stated that the National unity Government is committed to push deepest efforts for the improvement of mothers and children in Afghanistan.

Based on the estimation of World health Organization from 100,000 mothers 1600 mothers lose their life while deliveries.

In the session where the Governmental officials and Donors have gathered they have once again announced their commitments on providing health assistance for mothers and children in Afghanistan.

Both sides are committed to provide right health assistance for mothers and children and decline the level of the maternity in Afghanistan.

The estimation of the world health organization also indicates that from 1000 deliveries 95 children age less than 5 years lose their life, therefore Afghanistan has become the first country in the region and owns the 27 position in the world.

CEO Abdullah Abdullah believed that the following reasons for the main factors in increasing maternity in Afghanistan are underage marriage, malnutrition.

Meanwhile Minister of public Ferozuding Feroz said,” our efforts are underway to build the capacity of health providers that includes the quality in all aspects, medicines, and investments which is being made on the section,we have inaugurated several emergence sections in some Hospitals which is counted as of the serious step towards combating illness.”

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