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Farkhunda’s murder case submits to trials

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2015)

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Afghanistan General Attorney on Monday said that the Farkhunda’s murder case submitted to the trails after the completion of investigation by the general attorney.

The general attorney noted that that of the 49 suspects of the case 19 of them are police.

Spokesman of the general attorney, Basir Azizi emphasized that still some of Farkhunda’s murder perpetrators are escapees.

“There are still some perpetrators who are not arrested, whenever they arrest, we will start our investigations,” Aziz said.

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Meanwhile, some of representatives in Parliament and Afghan citizens urged the judicial institutions of the country to bring all of perpetrators to justice.

Nazifa Zaki, Member of Parliament said, “The incident was very shocking, we call for justice.”

According to the findings of the Fact-Finding commission on Farkhunda’s murder, she did not burned the Holy Quran but contrary she fought against religious deviations.

In the meantime, hundreds of Kabul inhabitants in a rally on Monday cried for justice after Farkhunda’s 40-day mourning period.

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They called for dismissal of Kabul police chief and accused him of incompetence in the incident.

Farkhunda, a common name for girls in Afghanistan, means auspicious and jubilant. From last Thursday onwards, the name will evoke failure; failure of this war-ravaged society’s leaders – and those of the international community – in healing its deeply damaged national psyche after three decades of war.

The 27-year-old Farkhunda, who was a student of religious studies, was brutally murdered two days before the New Year, by an angry mob in front of one of Kabul’s most venerated shrines when a mullah cried out that she had burnt the holy Quran.

Video clips taken by mobile phones show her pleading with her assailants, saying that the accusation was a lie and that she did not burn the holy book. Nevertheless, she was beaten to death and her bloodied body was set on fire.
Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh and Farhnaz Furotan



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