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Farah Loses Over $ 100 Thousand of Its Customs Revenue to Corruption in One Night: Officials

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2017)

More than a hundred thousand dollars of customs revenue in Farah province lose to corruption in each night, a local official said.

The deputy governor of Farah, Muhammad Younis Rasouli has declared that nearly 90 to 100 commercial cars enter the province without paying taxes and the money goes to the private pockets.

Rasouli noted that a number of civilian and military officials in collusion with traders take a large portion of the customs revenue of this province.

In the meantime, the civil activists in Farah stressed that Rasouli’s remarks should be tracked and the corrupted individuals should be brought to justice.

Previously, the Farah local officials have also said that the armed Taliban group involves in taking customs revenue in the province which reaches up to 8 million AFN per night.

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