Afghan-Turk School Teachers’ Detention is A ‘Political Issue’: Families

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2017)

The reactions against the detention of four Afghan-Turk School teachers in Kabul are increasing.

Families of the detained three Turkish teachers and one Afghan teacher on Thursday asserted that the move against the Afghan-Turk school  is more of a political issue.   

“We are not involved in politics, we are teachers, and the educational institutions should be free of politics,” wife of Turkish teacher Yunus Demirci told Ariana News. “We are sure that this is a political issue and our schools have no connection with politics.”

“My son has done nothing wrong, he is a teacher who educates people, why he should be detained?”, questioned Ghulam Sediq, father of teacher Mesud Vardak.

According to reports,  Turkish teachers; Önder Akkuşci, Yunus Demirci, Yılmaz Aytan and an Afghan based teacher Mesud Vardak, were detained on Tuesday morning after their vehicle en route to school was stopped by the Afghan intelligence operatives.

Afghan officials, say the move was taken after the security forces were suspicious on them; however, the Deputy Director of Afghan-Turk Schools in Kabul, Ahmad Fawad Haidari rejected the claim.

“We strongly reject any kind of allegations regarding the insurgent activities [within the schools], these schools are [here] to preserve and strengthen national unity, and have no links with terrorist groups,” Haidari said.

This comes as neither the intelligence agency nor the presidential palace have commented on the fate of the teachers so far.

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