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Families of Balkh Victims Say Gov’t Unable to Stop Terrorists

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)

PEOPLE_23_04_2017_DARI_SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.57_[2017.04.23_19.10.06]The families of martyrs do not have any demand from the government, saying the government does not have the ability to stop terrorists.

An estimated 200 families have been victimized from the deadly attack of Mazar base attack.

One of the family members said,” We don’t expect anything from the government. this is not the first time such incidents happens around the country, but what the government has done to them.”

Another member of the families also said, “I can’t understand why the minister of defense does not resign while he is not capable doing his basic duties. See the martyred young soldier! he was married just last year and has a 3 month old baby!.” 

Families claimed there is not any ambulance for the dead bodies of their dear ones.

Man whose brother died in base attack said “We do not have any expectation from the government. The government has failed to meet our demands.”

This comes as that the government has announced a one day of national mourning and stressed on serious investigations.

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