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Families of 31 men kidnapped in Zabul demanding government to safely return their beloveds home

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2015)

Families of the hostages who were kidnapped around twenty days ago by unknown armed gunmen are demanding the government to seriously endeavor to release their beloved passengers safely.

Mohammad Zahir who is the brother of one of the abducted passengers said,” we are asking the government to free our families using any possible way, this is the government obligation to protect their citizens safety and I ask this as a citizen of Afghanistan”.

Brother of one of the 31 abducted Hazara men
 “Their imprisonment means the whole nation is being taken hostage, unfortunately the government has not expressed their condolence to any member of the 31 kidnapped passengers and they haven’t provided any information on their exact location yet,” Khuda Yar Naibzada another young boy who is looking after his beloved family members said.

Today a political activist Zulfiqar Omid who is currently the leader of Labor and Development Party of Afghanistan (LDPA) demonstrated in front of Afghanistan’s Parliament by opening a protest tent in reaction to the so-called “the government negligence” to free the hostages.

Protest tent of LDPA
Mr. Omid asked for practical solutions to this issue during an interview with Ariana News saying,” we are calling on the NUG and the Afghan Parliament to release the 31 beloved and innocent passengers who were kidnapped by masked Taliban”.

Afghan Parliament administrative secretary pledges that the House of Representatives will undertake any possible option to free the abducted passengers and will force the government to act accordingly as well.

Abdul Rauf Enami, Secretary of the House Speaker said,” the National Assembly will use all available options to release the abducted passengers; we will not be reckless and will use all our legitimate authorities to free these beloveds”.

Members of Afghan Parliament along with the passengers relatives staged in front of the National Assembly

Currently Afghan security forces are struggling to trace the kidnappers who are believed to be local Taliban insurgents, but yet they have failed to free the hostages though they have preformed a wide operation which has killed dozens of militants.

About twenty days ago masked gunmen kidnapped 31 passengers belong to the Hazara ethnic minority from two buses in southern Khak Afghan district of Zabul province and now it is believed that they have been taken to different unknown locations by Taliban insurgents.

Reported by: Rafi Sediqi

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