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Facts, Information must not be kept hidden from people, media sight: CEO

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2015)

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Facts and information must not be kept secret from the people and the media sight, CEO Abdullah who was speaking on media and evolution conference declared.

This two day conference was held to review the challenges and opportunities that Afghan journalists may face in the next ten years.

Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah accepts the challenges, threats, misbehaves and other types of violations by governmental officials against journalists, but emphasize that the National Unity Government will strongly support the freedom of speech and the right of access to information.

He believes that facts and information must not be kept secret from the people’s eye.

“Facts must never be kept hidden; the people must be informed even if it is bitter. At the same time Journalists must take care of our national interest, media must never be used as a tool to advertise for terrorists,” Abdullah said.

He pledges a bill to ensure journalist’s safety and promise to consult with the reporter’s society for practical steps.

“Working on this bill is completed, and it is important to share this bill with the civil society and collect their final comments to practically implement it,” CEO of Afghanistan added.

Afghan Journalist Federation believes that Afghan government is still hiding facts and information from the media and people.

Najib Sharifi who is a member of the Afghan Journalist Federation said,” Afghan government is not aware of this principle that the world has been changed, and the government is not allowed to block information”.

In addition to the Afghan journalist Federation the United Nation is also concerned about the condition of journalism in Afghanistan.

UN Spokesperson Domingo Midly has said that limitation on journalists, killing and treat of journalist by terrorists and criminals, misbehavior by governmental officials is concerning.

The CEO has also recommended during his speech an authorized commission to investigate cases of violation against Afghan journalists.

Reported by: Hameed Sediqi

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