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Extra Vote Recount Forms “Illegally” Sent to Provinces: Abdullah

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2019)

The Independent Election Commission’s Secretariat has sent 250 extra vote recount result forms to Kandahar province and 25 other to Kapisa province, IEC commissioner Mawalana Abdullah said on Thursday, adding that the forms have been sent without approval of the commission.

According to Abdullah, sending extra forms without prior approval of IEC is illegal and must be investigated.

“Sending extra forms without plan, transparency and approval of the commission is repeating 2018 election. Those responsible must be held accountable,“ said Mawlana Abdullah.

However, IEC Chief Hawa Nooristani and IEC Commissioner Hanif Daneshyar left the press conference during his statements, calling them as “personal issues.’

“Sending 250 extra forms to Kandahar is a crime. Why have they sent 25 forms to Kapisa? Not being informed about it shows the weakness of a commissioner,” Abdullah added

Meanwhile, Habib Rahman Nang, head of the IEC Secretariat rejects allegations made by Mawlana Abdullah, saying,” Not one extra form has been sent to the provinces.”

According to officials, the IEC has completed the process of partial vote recount in 26 provinces, the process is ongoing in one province, and the seven provinces are still remaining due to the refusals by supporters of protesting candidates.

The Afghan Presidential Election was held on September 28 across the country. The IEC has repeatedly failed to announce the preliminary results due to technical problems and widespread protests.

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