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Exporting of Fresh Fruits Lost Values %20 in Markets

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2014)


Officials in Ministry of commerce and industries have stated that exporting of Afghanistan’s fresh fruits has lost its values up to %20 to foreign countries.


They have claimed that the major reasons for losing the values were Presidential Election challenges and insecurity.


However the officials in development exports departments has rejected the Ministry of commerce and industries claims, saying that Afghanistan exporting fresh fruits has increased into %20 comparing last year.


They have declared the increasing of the Afghanistan fresh fruits were suitable condition weather, regular rains.


Head of public relationship in Ministry of commerce and industry Hashim Rasouli stated that the Afghanistan fresh fruits exporting significantly decreased comparing last year the same first quarter of the year, we have exported over $110 million outside the country and our main clothing were fresh and dry fruits.


Head of development exporting department Najlah Habibyar has expressed her optimisms on exporting fresh fruits to foreign countries especially to Pakistan she added that this good season for grapes, melon, water melon and apricots.


Head of Fresh Fruits and vegetables Najat Haidari confirmed that the presidential Election challenges has caused the exporting of Afghanistan fresh fruits slow he hoped the new Government officials to increase exporting of fruits to foreign countries.


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