Expensive chaos: $ millions squandered for development projects in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2016)

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A number of Afghan senators voiced concerns over the waste of millions of dollars in development projects in the country; calling for the prevention of this issue.

According to senators, however, the implementation of some development projects in the provinces have solved the problems of people but the peoples’ needs should seriously be considered.

They believe that the lack of equitable development and waste of millions of dollars in projects caused peoples’ access reduce to services and projects completes with a poor quality.

“The money of some development projects squandered in the provinces that should be prevented,” said senator Rahmatullah Achakzai.

Senator, Safiullah Hashemi also said, “Monitoring the projects is an essential need that the projects completes in an effective and standardize way.”

Meanwhile, the minister of rural and rehabilitation who presented to Senate House for declaring its performances stressed on eradication of corruption and strictly implementing the underway projects.

“We will make further efforts for implementing the projects in the provinces, but due to the lack of security the equitable development is a difficult task,” said Nasir Ahmad Durani, minister of rural and rehabilitation.

Durani noted that currently, more than 5200 of large and small projects are underway in the provinces that cost nearly $ 145 million.

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