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Ex-Telecom Minister Accuses Ghani of Dual Approach with Cabinet Ministers

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2017 5:45 pm)

WAZIR_16_03_2017_DARI_SOT_1.mpg_snapshot_00.41_[2017.03.16_17.43.18]The former minister of telecommunication has accused President Ghani of dual approach with the cabinet ministers.

Abdul Razaq Wahidi, ex-telecom minister says he has not succeed to meet President Ghani since one and a half year ago, while his authorities met him for hours every day.

“It is very interesting that the lower officials can meet, talk with president even watch movies, but I cannot share my problems with him and even cannot visit him,” said Abdul Razaq Wahidi, former telecom minister.

Wahidi called the investigation of fact-finding commission over his case jaundiced and accused the finance minister of fraud and corruption; Stressing that the general attorney should publicly announce the result of its investigation as soon as possible.

“The finance minister himself involves in this case. How the finance minister can take decision about this case,” Wahidi added.

In the meantime, Presidential Palace rejected Wahidi’s remarks on President’s dual approach with cabinet ministers and further added that his corruption case is under investigation and will be publicly announced in the near future.

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