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Ex-police Officer Paralyzed In Taliban Ambush Blames Gov’t for Turning Its Back

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2019)

A former police officer who was paralyzed after being shot five times during a Taliban ambush in Kunduz province in 2018, blames government for inattention.

Colonel Ahmad Jaan Parwani who is now hospitalized at a private hospital in Kabul was in charge of criminal investigations in 808 Spinzar Police Zone.

He was ambushed by Taliban in Chahar Dara district of Kunduz province where he lost all of his bodyguards.

Ahmad Jaan Parwani said he was retired after being wounded and has received no financial support from the government, especially the interior ministry where he served for 37 years.

Mr. Parwani is the father of 12 children and was the only breadwinner of his family.

“I’m calling on Afghan security forces, don’t serve! Leave your jobs. You will have the same destiny as myself. No one will care about you and your wives will be widows. It is better to open a shop,” he said.

According to Colonel Parwani, he has been rejected from police hospital many times after seeking assistance.

Right now, he is admitted to a private hospital where he pays $25 per night despite of having economic problems.

“These cowards have retired me without paying attention to my documents,” he claimed.

Ghubar, the youngest son of Ahmad Jan Parwani, who is now working on the streets of Kabul to earn money in order to support his family, said he is not going to school after his father was injured.

“I’m proud of my father. I’m earning money to feed my family,” he said.

Officials in the Afghan interior ministry denied to comment despite of repeated requests.

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