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Ex-Minister Accuses ARG of Power Monopoly, Paralyzing Development Process

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2018)

Former Energy and Water Minister Ali Ahmad Osmani on Sunday accused the Presidential Palace (ARG) of power monopoly.

He said that all authorities of governmental institutions have been monopolized by Ghani’s office, so the development process in the country is paralyzed.

“nepotism and racism-based governance are major challenges for good and systematic governance. The transfer of authorities from legal institutions into the office of [President’s] advisors based on nepotism have paralyzed the objective processes of governance in most of the institutions,” Osmani told reporters at a press conference in Kabul.

He also accused President Ashraf Ghani’s office of acting based on ethnicity, saying the Presidential Palace has prevented the leadership of the Ministry of Water and Energy to execute its major projects during the last three years.

Osmani noted that his resistance for better water management, denial to accept illegal requests from President’s advisers and enforcing his authorities were among the major reasons for his disagreement with Ghani’s office.

“Challenging the working programs, stopping the ministries plans and development projects, preventing us from our internal and external official trips, threatening, suspending the job of high-level and low-level employees in the ministry, preventing from ministerial reforms and transferring the legal authorities to advisers or even other ministries were [our main disagreements],” Osmani added.

In addition, the former official asked Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, to enforce his authorities.

“Why I didn’t want to resign?,” Osmani asked and responded. “We are fighting against outlaws and for the rule of law since a while and our resignation would have paved the way for lawbreakers.”

Shah Hussain Murtazawi, a spokesman for the Presidential Palace, in an online statement rejected the allegations saying if the minister is having any evidence he should share it with legal bodies.

Recently, President Ghani fired Osmani when Chief Executive Abdullah was traveling abroad and appointed one of his deputies as acting minister.

Immediately the Chief Executive reinstated him saying Osmani is one of the successful and active ministers of the government and the majority of the projects in the Ministry of Energy and Water have been inaugurated or due to be inaugurated under the management of Mr. Osmani.

Abdullah said Osmani will remain in his position and the issue will be resolved in line with the agreement for the formation of the unity government, but later reports emerged that he has agreed on the dismissal of Mr. Osmani.

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