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Ex-Electoral Officials Sentenced to Five-Years in Jail

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2019)

Ten ex-members of the electoral commissions sentenced to five years in prison by Anti-Corruption Justice Center on Tuesday, an official said.

The Attorney General Office (AGO) said today that the Justice Center has sentenced all former commissioners of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) for five years in prison over illegal changes in the vote counts of Kunar October parliamentary election and misuse of their authority.

According to the AGO, the Head of Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) Abdul Aziz Aryaee, IECC commissioners Humaira Haqmal, and Abdul Baseer Faiz have also been sentenced to the same period of imprisonment.

An official said that except Waseema Badghisee, a female IEC commissioner, all culprits were present at the court today.

Meanwhile, the court has found Ahmad Shah Zamanzai the former Chief Secretariat of the IEC and Ibrahim Sadat the former Head of the IEC IT Department as innocent.

The final results of Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections was announced after a six month delay due to major fraud and mismanagement by the IEC.

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