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Ex-Daesh Member Builds Library in Badakhshan

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2019)

Massad, an Afghan youth, who was a member of Daesh, has built a small library in his hometown in Badakhshan province. 

The young man lost his father when he was a child. When he became a teenager, he joined the Daesh insurgent group by a Daesh recruiter on facebook who had identified himself as Ahmad.

When the recruiter wanted to brainwash Massad he regretted and left the group.

Since then, he has built a library in his hometown that aims to prevent other youths from joining the Taliban or Daesh extremist groups.

“My goal is that youths should not be like me; they should be better than me,” said Massad.

Massad’s wife is helping him in the library and at the same time, she teaches reading and writing to the villagers.

Neyaz Begum Nahzat, says, “If one of them [youth] remained in the dark or illiterate, he/she will be a threat to the society and may join Daesh or Taliban groups.”

It seems that students of Massad and Neyaz Begum are satisfied as they are far away from war and violence now and have come to know how to live.

Ibrahim, a resident of Badakhshan, who is studying in Massad’s library said, “I’m coming from a long way to learn from teacher Massad and have learned how to read and write.”

“I’m calling on youths in other provinces to study; put the weapon on the ground and take the pen instead,” said Khudadad, another resident of the area.

This comes as it is feared that the recruitment of youths by Daesh may increase in different parts of the country and the illiterate group of youths seems to be their main target.

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