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EU Wants Afghanistan to Resolve Joint Water Disputes with Neighbors

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2015)


 European Union demanded Afghanistan to resolve its joint water disputes with its neighboring countries to avoid upcoming problems.

European Union Ambassador to Afghanistan Jean-Michel Marlaud said,” by resolving the water disputes we will avoid upcoming war in the future.”

Meanwhile the Afghan officials in environment department said,” Afghanistan is the most vulnerable country in from the climate changes perspective in Asia continent which it really needs the International cooperation on the aspect.”

French Ambassador to Afghanistan Jean-Michel Marlaud said,” the world climate will be changed 6 degree high and which is not tolerable, floods have washed away dozens places in the world, people on the earth will move a lot, Afghanistan will affected but will not go under water.”

Head of the Afghanistan environment department Shazada Mustafa Zahir said,” Environment is at risk specially Wahkhan corridor ice is melting in Badakhshan.”

Political deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hekmat Khalil said,” in order to overcome the climate challenges, we do need regular international cooperation and technical supports.”

Special envoy of European Union in Afghanistan Micheal M. said,” we believe in that Afghanistan will resolve its joint water disputes with its neighboring countries.”

70 % of Afghan life is directly depended to agriculture if the drought comes it will affect the life of those farmers.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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