EU Voices Concern over Sell of Security Forces Weapons to Taliban

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2017)

us-weapons-stolen-by-isisThe European Union (EU) expressed deep concern over selling of Afghan security forces’ weapons to the armed Taliban group.

According to the EU new report, corruption in security institutions has reduced Afghan forces capabilities in the battle grounds and strengthened Taliban forces.

EU report writes, “Corruption reduced Afghan security forces capabilities and strengthened Taliban. Corruption causes the killing of Afghans every week.”

EU in its report does not consider the government’s current efforts in fighting corruption enough.

But, spokesman of defense ministry Dawlat Waziri rejects these reports. “If anyone involves in corruption will be arrested and introduced to judicial institutions.”

This comes as previously a number of Afghan army complaint over selling of arms and weapons by their commanders to Taliban in Helmand province.

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