EU: We are in Afghanistan to Provide ‘Goodwill’ Not to ‘Compete’ With Anyone

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2017)

The European Union Special Envoy for Kabul says he is consulting with all the partners in the region including Pakistan to try to “reconsider” some of their policies for bringing peace in Afghanistan.

“I will consult with all the partners in the region, your neighbors but also countries a little bit more for a way that bring something positive or that can try to reconsider some of their policies in order to make Afghanistan a safer place,” Ambassador Roland Kobia told reporters at a news conference in Kabul on Thursday.

Kobia who was on his two days visit in Kabul, stressed that he will try “instrumentalize” all the different issues that can bring more connectivity and more togetherness with countries in the region in terms of trade, common initiatives on fighting terrorism and drugs.

“This will be my mandate is to try to bring a consensus around the countries to put the international community on a momentum that is a constructive, positive one with the overarching objective which is to bring peace, security and prosperity in your country,” he said.

The special envoy stressed that the European Union is in Afghanistan to provide goodwill, experiences and “we are certainly not here to try to be in competition with anyone.”

” I think the whole international community should work for Afghanistan not competing wrong Afghanistan. The only flag that matters here is the Afghan flag, it is not the flag of international countries,” he said.

The envoy further said that the EU is hopeful of contributing to peace in Afghanistan, adding ” it is something it has been done in other countries, and I believe with resilience and stamina of Afghan people, It should happen here as well.” 

By Shakib Mahmud 

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