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EU Ends 2017 Anti-Corruption Campaign in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2017)

Bribery-Government-EthicsThe European Union (EU) in Afghanistan ends its 2017 Anti-Corruption Communication Campaign which has been running since 12 March.

European Union Special Representative to Afghanistan, Ambassador Franz-Michael Mellbin in a press release said, ” Our campaign has reinforced the focus on corruption here in Afghanistan. We have had a lot of feedback and exchange of views during the more than two months. While the Afghan Government, with the support of the International Community, is taking major steps forward in the fight against corruption, there is also broad agreement that more needs to be done. Corruption fuels the insurgency and will erode the ability to progress towards peace – something this war torn country is desperately longing for. The EU will continue to stand by the Afghans and the Afghan Government in their fight against this disease.”

On 8 May, the EU third annual Anti-Corruption Conference will take place in the Presidential Palace under the title ‘Intensifying the Fight against Corruption in Afghanistan’.

President Ashraf Ghani and European Union Special Representative Ambassador Franz-Michael Mellbin will co-host the conference, at which many of the themes of the EU anti-corruption campaign will be discussed.

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