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EU EAT calls for rapid anti-fraud electoral reforms

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2014)

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European Union Election Assessment Team (EU EAT) final report on Afghan 2014 presidential elections revealed that more than 800,000 invalidated votes were forged by Independent Election Commission (IEC).

“Extensive fraud damaged the confidence of Afghans, we have seen that out of the 8.1 million votes 800,000 were fraudulent, but it was more than this number. Such an election for those who believe in democracy is a terrible dream,” Thijs Berman EU EAT Chief Observer said.

In addition, European Union Observers believe that fraud was beyond imagination and the perpetrators must be trialed in a court, adding that Afghan National Unity government must form the commission for reforms in electoral law and electoral system as soon as possible.

Furthermore; the final report suggests that IEC and IECC commissioners must be nominated by an independent board and a voter registration list must be extracted from Electronic ID Card Database in order to improve transparency in the future elections.

EU observed Afghanistan Presidential elections and 100% vote audit with 410 international observers and released their report after the National Unity Government was formed by a power-sharing deal.

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