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EU Announces New €474m Aid Package for Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2018)

The European Union has announced a financial package worth 474 million euros ($535 million) in financial aid for Afghanistan during a key summit focusing on development, peace, and security in war-torn Afghanistan.

The aid agreement was made on Tuesday at the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan.

The new aid package is intended to support state building and public sector reforms, health, justice, and elections, as well as to address migration and displacement challenges in Afghanistan.

“The EU stands side by side with Afghanistan and its people to build a stronger future for the country. The EU’s new assistance package of €474 million will contribute towards addressing peace and security challenges and set up the foundations for a more stable and economically sustainable society. Through joint efforts we intend to reduce aid-dependency and invest in democratic governance for the benefit all citizens of the country,” said Neven Mimica, the EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development at the summit.

The package consists of: €311 million to support the government of Afghanistan in pursuing its reform agenda, €31 million to support reforms in the judicial organs, €80 million to improve the health and nutrition of the population, €15.5 million to support the presidential and provincial council elections in 2019, and €37 million to reinforce EU assistance to Afghanistan in addressing migration and forced displacement challenges.

Dozens of countries are attending at the Geneva conference on Afghanistan where the Afghan government is expected to renew its commitment to reform and discuss aid contributions in its bid to achieve stability and security.

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