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Ethnic Tendencies in ARG Eye New Political Coalition

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2017)

attaRifts within the National Unity Government (NUG) have opened the door for ethnic tendencies in the Presidential Palace (ARG) to shape a new separate coalition.

The move being taken by the Afghan politicians after President Ashraf Ghani reportedly monopolized power in the presidential palace and did not have faith in other officials.

The involved influential figures in forming the new coalition are the governor of Balkh, Atta Muhammad Noor, first vice president, Abdul Rashid Dostum, President’s former special envoy, Ahmad Zia Masoud and the acting foreign minister, Salahuddin Rabani.

Analysts believe the move by Tajik, Uzbek and Turk leaders comes after they have been driven out of the current system in the country, and thereafter, Hezb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s arrival in Kabul after 20 years.

“The current tendencies between ARG, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Taliban show  a signal for others to watch out! The story begins,” University professor, Rahmatullah Bezhandpoor said.

The divisions in NUG were publicized by Gen. Dostum, when he accused the President of nepotism and making appointments in discriminate manner.

Atta Muhammad Noor, who has left CEO Abdullah’s side and begun direct talks with Ghani to include his party Jamiat-Islami in government decision makings, seems to have faced a deadlock with the arrival of Hekmatyar. 

The acting foreign minister Rabbani, apparently has not been given the authority as he deserved for the position.

Followed by Ahmad Zia Massoud who was recently fired by Ghani in a sudden move that surprised most people.

 “We including the governor of Balkh welcomed the formation of coalition and it is an important need for the current situation of northern parts which threatened by insecurities and conflicts,” said Spokesman of the National Islamic Movement-(Junbish-I Milli-yi Islami-yi Afghanistan), Bashir Tayanj.

However, people close to  Balkh governor said no meetings between Noor and other political figures have taken place for the formation of a new coalition.

“There is no coalition, but the supporters of General Dostum and Atta Mohammad Noor might meet and discussed about the current situation in north,” a close figure to Noor, Mohammad Farhad Azeemi said.

Ghani’s office rejects formation of a political coalition, saying it has not received any information regarding the issue.

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