Established Center to Issue License of Economy Activities: MoCI

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2016)

1Officials in Ministry of Chamber of Commerce and Industry have stated one unique center has been established to issue licenses of all type economy activities for the Afghan traders and businessmen/ women, while Afghanistan investments support agency has been holding this job in the past.

Officials in chamber of commerce and industry have welcomed the decision made by the responsible in Ministry of commerce and industry, saying this will decrease the corruption level as well as it will provide facilities for the individuals to receive licenses without having previous trouble they had.

Afghanistan investment support agency was responsible to issue licenses of economy activities for the Afghan traders, but in recent decision a center was established to issue the following licenses for the businessmen.

Minister of commerce and industry Homayon Rasa said,” from now on wards all types of economy activities licenses will be issued by the following center, this act will further facilitate the issuing process of the licenses.”

Officials in chamber of commerce and industry have welcomed the recent act.

Chairman of the chamber of commerce and industry Atiqullah Nusrat said,” establishing of the following center is valuable for the businessmen, this act will increase the investing level and it will end bureaucracy and avoid any types of corruption.”

Meanwhile scores of law makers have expressed their satisfactory over demanding the Government to pave more facilities for the investors.

Mp Mohammad Hashim Farabi said,” This act will boost the economy, encourage investors, but the Government besides supporting investment process should think about the domestic industries process.”

Officials in chamber of commerce and industry have demanded the Government to have close eyes over issuing the licenses and draw concrete attentions to resolve most of the traders and businessmen problems.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab

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