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ERC works contrary to President’s decree: IEC

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2015)

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The Independent Election Commission (IEC) criticized the performance of Election Reforms Commission (ERC), saying that the ERC is working contrary to President Ghani’s decree.

President Ashraf Ghani in a legislative decree accepted seven of 11 proposals for electoral reforms and has assigned responsible agencies to provide practical steps for the implementation of the proposals and to take action in this regard.

IEC noted that decisions to be taken against the decree of President Ghani by ERC would not be supported by the election commission.

“The ERC’s decisions are at odds with the president’s decree. We will not accept any illegal action by the Electoral Reforms Commission,” spokesman of IEC, Noor Muhammad Noor said.

Officials in IEC demanded President Ghani to do not allow electoral reform commission to work in contrast to his decree.

“We are cooperating with Eelctoral reforms commission but we do not accept any illegal reforms. ERC members think that they have executive authorities,” Noor added.

Meanwhile, deputy of ERC, Sidiqullah Tawhidi in contact with Ariananews said to consider IEC’s statements baseless, citing none of ERC’s actions conduct without consultation of government leaders, particularly President Ghani.

The implementation of electoral reform and the establishment of a special commission were fundamental points in the National Unity Government agreement, which was signed on 19 September 2014.

Afghanistan’s electoral reform process has been bogged down for months. While the National Unity Government agreement called for the “immediate establishment” of an Electoral Reform Commission, it took the president five months just to sign the necessary decree.

This comes as Afghans are waiting to have a transparent parliamentary election without any fraud and irregularities.






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