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ERC to present a proposal on amendment of electoral law in next 3 weeks

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2015)

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The Election Reforms Commission (ERC) will present a proposal to government for amendments to the national electoral laws, particularly regarding the election commissions, their responsibilities and authorities up to the next three weeks.

About a few weeks took for ERC to held counseling session to collect all opinions for amendments of electoral laws.

“Our survey on opinions and prospective of all people has been completed about electoral law, the functions of law and authorities of the Independent Election Commission (IEC),” Sidiqullah Tawhidi, deputy of ERC said.

A key challenge for the reforms commission is the complexity of combining political, technical and legal nature of the reform task. The commission should do a difficult job of reconciling political, technical and legal nature of the reformation of Afghanistan’s electoral system.

Meanwhile, officials in ERC said that efforts are underway to invalidate election cards of the previous elections because more than 20 million election cards have been distributed.

“Our demand is to invalidate election cards that has no specific frame and mixed with the black cards. Those cards are not recorded in any sufficient database,” Tawhidi added.

The Electoral Reform Commission (ERC) is supposed to develop plans for reforming the election law, the structure of both the IEC and the IECC and the overall electoral systems of Afghanistan—consistent with the possible amendment to the Constitution.

Specifically, under article 2 of the presidential decree, the ERC is expected to work impartially, precisely, and professionally on preparing reform proposals that will be first sent to the Chief Executive and then to the President for final approval.

In September 2014, after months of deadlock over the contested electoral results, leaders of the National Unity Government, Ghani and Abdullah promised to reform the electoral system in order to prevent crises in future elections. Some amendments are under discussion in the Parliament, in particular in the appointment process and responsibilities of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

There is a widespread concern that the gridlock over the reform could spark further uncertainty in the country, to the point of bringing about protests and disorder should the upcoming parliamentary election be held under the same law. Fuelling possible popular distrust and lack of confidence in the electoral process, there are rumors that the members of the electoral commissions are holding meetings with MPs to dissuade them from supporting the legislation by promising favors in exchange for upcoming elections.


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