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EPD Institution Criticizes Un-Balanced Budget of 1396

(Last Updated On: December 26, 2016)

1Equality for Peace and Democracy Institution (EPD) members have reviewed the draft budget for the year of 1396 and criticized the allocation of huge amount of money for the security sector, the budget which was rejected by the members of the parliament for being out of balance, their findings also indicated that 292 billion Afghani is maintained from the International community aids showing 63 percent of the budget.

Despite of 4 percent increase in the development budget the Equality for Peace and Democracy institution saying this is huge amount of money which should be spent for the other sectors in Afghanistan.

Chairman of the Equality for Peace and Democracy institution (EPD) Mohammad Edrees Omarzad said, “Huge money should not be allocated only for security sector, health sector is vital to all in this country, there are private sectors and education sector are also counted as important.”

The members of the Equality for Peace and Democracy institution have also expressed concerns over the Ministries who have failed to spend the allocated development budgets for the year of 1395, differences between the discretionary and non-discretionary budget is the other concern of the following institution.

“The discretionary budgetary is not becoming 50 percent, which indicates 171 billion Afghani the non-discretionary, that means Government is not able to understand how the budget is going to be spent.” Chairman of the Equality for Peace and Democracy Mohammad Edrees Omerzad said.

The budgets which has been allocated for the year of 1396 is 466 billion Afghani where 287 billion is specialized for common budget and 178 billion Afghani is allocated for development budget and the draft budget also indicates 151 billion Afghani incomes incoming year.

Last year 7 Ministers have failed to spend 70 percent of the development budgets for the year of 1395 and they were disqualified by the members at the lower house of the parliament.

Reportedby Lida Niazi

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