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Enormous numbers villagers move to main city in Bamyan

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2016)


Ariana News reporter who has visited Bamyan province, saying huge number of the villagers are coming from their villages due to different problems according to the villagers who have left their villages due to poverty, losing huge number of their animals drought, to come to main city of Bamyan.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitant and Development stated that $120 million project will be launched which will create 14000 jobs opportunities for the villagers of Bamyan province.

Bamyan resident Ahmad Natiqi said,” Hundreds of families have moved into Bamyan city, for experiencing poor life condition within their villages, their moving will impact the Agriculture industry within the suburbs,”.

“Huge numbers of the villagers have left our village due to losing their animals, poverty, drought and having no lands to work said one of the villagers,”

Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Naseer Ahmad Durani said,” a project will be launched (281) from council development section in Panjab and Waras districts of Bayman province with the cost of 140 million Afghani, by implementation of the following project 14032 persons will hold short term jobs opportunities.”

During his speech he has told to the residents of Bamyan what we do in the first step is to full our stomach, and then we will work over the other projects.

He also urged that on 2014 $81 dollar for one singular resident of Bamyan was invested, but in the year 2015 $115 dollar has been invested over on singular resident of Bamyan.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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