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Emergency Committee Should be More Equipped: CEO Abdullah

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2015)


Afghanistan Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah has said, “Modern equipment and necessary measurements in order to tackle the upcoming Natural disasters should be increased into high level at Emergency committee.”

Officials in Afghan Government have expressed their concerns on recent Natural disasters saying there is high level risks of upcoming Natural disasters within the country such as floods therefore the Emergency committee should equipped based on the prioritize needs of the current condition.

One of the main challenges within the recent avalanches was no stable communication system with some of the villages and remote districts in Panjshir Province, this has caused that the death toll of the avalanches to rise even to more than 200.

Most of the villages and remote areas didn’t have access to telephone services.

Once again Afghanistan CEO Abdullah Abdullah called for better equipments and more power of Emergency committee to reach the demands of the vulnerable areas as soon as it’s possible.

Afghanistan Government has held 3 days of National mourning because of recent Natural disaster hit 18 provinces, in the following disaster Panjshir residents have lost their love once and hundreds displaced and even their houses were completely destroyed.

Reported by Farahnaz Frotan

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