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Embezzlement in Kabul Education department rocked

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2016)


Ariana News accessed documents indicating that Kabul education department that hosted the Nowruz festival in Presidential palace on 2014 had embezzled 5,737550 Afghani, a claim which was rejected by the education head in Kabul.

Part the documents mentions that Kabul education department was also responsible to assign students on taking part in Nowruz festival.

According to the documents 32 goods which cost 4,214,700 Afghani has damaged the public interests in terms of climbing rates.

For not providing receipts and complete sets of goods 1,435,900 Afghani embezzled the document indicates.

Senator head of education in Parliament Lailuma Ahmadi said,” Unfortunately corruption rocks, based on the documents which Ariana News accessed it should be pursued that the perpetrators of the cases should be trialed.”

The assessment which was launched by the Presidential Internal Audit inspection indicating that embezzlement has been done while contracts were signed that means for carrying students to Presidential palace where 7 buses were needed, they have hired 30 buses, or in order to fetch 21 tons of woods to Presidential palace they needed to hire small cars but big ass truck were hired.

Head of the Kabul education departments Mohammad Saied Mansour said,” I definitely reject this allegation, we have paid only 57,000 Afghanis for carrying students to Presidential palace.”

Presidential palace has been hosting a big Nowruz festival where Asian countries representatives had attended, which the entertainment part responsibility was on the Kabul education department.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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