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Electoral institutions require reforms in order to reinforce democracy

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2015)


KABUL: FEFA & TEFA Two electoral observer institutions believe that a group of politicians are endeavoring to postpone the electoral reforms being promised by the NUG.

Nayeem Ayoubzada, Chairman of Transparent Election Forum of Afghanistan (TEFA) said,” we are deeply concerned because if they do not bring technical reforms in electoral systems it will hugely damage the democratic process of election and will take it to a person-centered system”.

Electoral watch organizations are strongly recommending the following key reforms in electoral institutions to be considered by the NUG of Afghanistan.

–          Immediate decision on electoral reforms

–          Establishment of electoral reforms commission being agreed on the power-sharing deal

–          Technical Reforms rather than political decisions

–          Reforms in the organizational structure of the existence Commissions

–          Preparation for District Councils Elections

–          Developing a timeline for the next year Parliamentary elections

–          Distribution of National Electronic ID Cards

These electoral observers warns that if the government continue to neglect this issue it will hugely affect democracy in Afghanistan and the International Communities will discontinue funding on democratic institutions.

We ask the government to step in action rather than repeating the words,” Yousuf Rashid CEO of Free & Fair Election Forum Organization of Afghanistan said.

After the National Unity Government (NUG) was formed the leaders marked electoral reforms on the top of priorities but four months passed and there is no progress yet.

FEFA and TEFA organizations observed the 2014 Presidential and Provincial Councils Elections with thousand observers across the country.

Reported by: Wahid Nawisa

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