Electoral commissions should be reformed before parliamentary elections

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2014)


Afghan civil society institutions presented a set of suggestions to the Afghan government and the British Embassy in Kabul for consideration ahead of the London Conference.
The election commissions should be reformed before holding the parliamentary elections, said Civil Society Institutions.
The Civil Society institutions urged the government to distribute electoral ID cards for the transparency of the election.
Reforming the electoral commissions is one of the campaign promises of the government of national unity in the last two months.
Civil Society institutions said that the interference of neighboring countries, political influences and corruption has caused the current situation of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, peace, support of the international community from Afghanistan and wiping corruption are the other demands of civil society institutions from the government.
It is set that 61 members of the civil society institutions to attend in London summit and present an agreement as the main demands of the civil society.



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