Election Watchdogs Criticize International Community for Cutting Observation Funds

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2019)

The Kabul-based electoral monitoring organizations on Monday claimed that the international community in collusion with the Afghan government and the Independent Election Commission (IEC) have prevented them from monitoring the processes of the upcoming election.

According to the watchdogs, the international community is not interested to ensure transparency in the upcoming elections; therefore, the international community have cut their financial support for the observers.

“The international community and somehow the Afghan government might intentionally intend to decrease the level of observation and pave the way for the fraud,” said Habib-ul-Rahman Shinwarai, member of Election and Transparency Watch Organization (ETWA).

“Unfortunately, the donors of the election process are not interested to maintain transparency in the upcoming election. They decreased their financial support to electoral processes and they did not provide fund for electoral observation as well,” said Yousuf Rasheed, the CEO of Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA).

At the same time, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) said that none of the electoral tickets have requested credentials for their observers yet.

“We are calling on all organizations and electoral tickets to get their credentials in order to monitor the presidential election in a better way,” said Zabihullah Sadat, Deputy Spokesman of the IEC.

This comes as reports suggest that the international community have not assigned any international observer for the upcoming presidential election of Afghanistan as well.

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