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Election Reformation System Uses As Tools: TEFA

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2015)


Officials in Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan TEFA have stated that Afghanistan Election system has been used as the political tools by both Afghan National Unity Government leaders to determine their positions against each other in the country.

The following foundation insisted that there is political determined decision for technical reformation of the Election system, the reformation Electoral committee has been established based on the agreement of both leaders which doesn’t have its impact.

Head of the TEFA Mohammad Naim Ayubzada said,” reformation of the Election system has been changed into political game in between the both leaders of the National Unity Government, since the beginning of the National Unity Government there has been no political decision, considering of the Election reformation system as a game is both leaders didn’t have agreement on appointing persons.”

Head of the Afghanistan Election Foundation ShahMahmood Mal said,” Reformation discussion during the Election and after the Election process has been very important.”

Mr. Ayubzada also said,” if the following three main changes to be made huge Election system in the country will be resolved.

1-     Codifying of law formation, authority of the Election Commission.

2-     Big changes of the Election system.

3-     Providing list of the voters, and determination of voters in specific polling sites.

After the establishing of the special Electoral reformation committee, disagreements rose in between the two NUG,yet they have been capable to introduce its members to begin activities.

Reported by Wahid Nawisa



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