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Election on selecting new Chamber of Commerce should be held: Traders

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2016)


A number of Afghan businessmen have declared that new election should be held to pick the new leaders for the Chamber of Commerce and industry, saying this way we could save the following institution from Mafia.

Meanwhile officials in Chamber of Commerce and Industry have stated the following act contrary to the principles saying some figures are trying to convert the following institution into a political center.

Businessmen have claimed that the leaders of the chamber of commerce and industry are working illegally because their mission period is done 18 months ago.

Businessman Jawid Andish said,” some figures are trying to not the election to be held, declaring them-selves legal leaders.”

“Businessmen are experiencing serious issues therefore election should be held to select new leaders for the following institution Omer Ansari the other businessman said,”

Officials in Chamber of Commerce and Industry have declared the following act as contrary to principle.

Chairman of Chamber of Commerce Atiqullah Nasrat said,” We have pushed through to hold election for picking new leaders but law issues have prevented, anyone one complains from the performances of the following institution we can see him/her at court,”

Deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Khanjan Alkozai said,” officials within the CCI have provided many facilities for the businessmen, we reject the following claim, and some of those who have insisted on holding election aren’t the members of the chamber of commerce.”

Based on the 5th paragraph and 11th article of business law before holding election to pick new members to chair the Chamber of Commerce and industry a committee will be established, if the Government is willing to do so we are fully ready for it.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab

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