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Election Observers Call for Prosecution of Electoral Commissioners

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

Election observers on Friday said that lack of coordination between the electoral commissions has led the preliminary results of parliamentary elections for Kabul to be delayed.

The parliamentary elections took place in all provinces except for Ghazni on October 20, last year; but, despite more than two months gap, the IEC is yet to complete the recounting process of votes cast in Kabul.

Marwa Amini, a spokesman for the FEFA said that the electoral Commissions are not committed to what they promise and that they lack capacity.  

“The judiciary institutions should take soon actions in this regard and refer them [the electoral commissioners] to the court,” she said.

The electoral complaints commission, however, said that it has completed the assessment over Kabul votes and that it is now up to the election commission to response in this regard.

Some parliamentary candidates said that due to the interference of the government and some political parties, the IEC is failed to announce the preliminary results of the elections.

Despite several attempts, the election commission did not comment in this regard.

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