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Election Commissions Have No Independency: Ahadi

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2016)

5Chairman of the Afghanistan’s New National Front party AnwarulHaq Ahadi said the Election commissions are not independently working and were obeying the Presidential palace decrees and orders.

He said, “The election commissions did not have independence and both were representing the Presidential palace office, they were the executors of the Presidential decrees and orders.”

Further the members of the Afghanistan’s New National Front party have criticized the selected members of the election institutions by the President, saying Afghanistan will not experience transparency.

Chairman of the Afghanistan’s New National Front party AnwarulHaq Ahadi also said, “President should allow the commissioners to have their own authority and power, if both Government and the selection committee members lead the same process, then gradually there will be no transparency in upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.”

Meanwhile Head of the Transparent Election foundation of Afghanistan Naim Ayubzada said, “ The current members who are being introduced as commissioners are having much lower education level comparing the current members, and some of the members who have just been introduced are involved in destruction of the Election 2014.”

Member of the selection committee Yusuf Rasheed said, “The commentators who are claiming should provide reliable information and documents, we clearly reject the allegations.”

Reformation has been one of the commitments of the National Unity Government, but it seems that the leaders have failed to bring positive changes within the system.

Reported by: Fawad Nasiri

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