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Eighty percent Afghans to probably expose to coronavirus

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(Last Updated On: March 24, 2020)

Public health minister warns that it has been foreseen that at least 210 thousand people will be seriously taken into health care and 110 thousand others will lose their lives to the coronavirus in Afghanistan.

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is hiking in Afghanistan – 42 cases tested positive and one death confirmed. The official foretelling comes up with dangerous news.

The minister of public health says that approximately 80% (over 16 million) of the nation will be infected by the COVID-19 leaving 10 thousand deaths.

Public Health Minister Ferozuddin Feroz highlights that if gatherings and carelessness towards the healthcare awareness continue, the probability of the 80% infection will come true.

He adds, “Over 16 million people will be infected. To our findings, 66%, which is 8 million, show symptoms, out of which, 700 thousand will visit hospitals, 210 thousand will need serious health care and it’s probable that 110 thousand will die in Afghanistan.”

He, however, at the moment considers the situation under control, he warns that if the gatherings do not decrease, 80% of the nation will be infected by the COVID-19 in Afghanistan.

“If Bozkashi [an Afghan sport], wedding parties… continue and if gatherings are not stopped, we will meet the probable number,” the minister stated.

Holding most of the infected, Herat poses most of the threat. It has already been suggested to quarantine the province. The government has just decided to limit daily activities and gatherings (not to allow more than two individuals at a time and place) effective from this Wednesday.

Kabul, inhabiting several million people, has also been exposed to the virus with two cases of the virus tested positive. The number may grow soon. Despite warnings, crowds have not been avoided in the city.

The health minister wants all sorts of crowds such as hotels, restaurants, parks, swimming pools, universities, and baths to be closed.

Moreover, according to the government, the Taliban has allowed physicians to travel and provide medical aid in areas under the group’s control.


COVID19 updates Afghanistan; cases rise to 11,173

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(Last Updated On: May 27, 2020)

With 591 new registries in the last 24 hours, the number of Coronavirus confirmed cases rose to 11,173 – Kabul ranks first on the table, with 390 new cases.

The Ministry of Public Health confirmed 591 new cases of the Coronavirus in the past 24 hours, including 390 reported from Kabul, and the rest are designated as follows:

“Herat 62, Balkh 36, Badghis 21, Nangarhar 18, Kunar 14, Takhar 14, Jawzjan 11, Wardak 7, Paktia 5, Baghlan 5, Khost 3, Panjshir 2, Ghor 2, and Bamyan reported one new case.”

It is worth mentioning that authorities have tightened the movement restrictions on Eid days in Kabul city to prevent the further spread of the deadly virus.

On the other hand, although religious scholars emphasize to impose restrictions, they call on the police to be soft with the sick and others in serious need.

The Ministry of Public Health has reported a lack of capacity in the Afghan-Japan Communicable Disease Hospital amid the rapid increase in the number of infections.

It, therefore, has announced that three more hospitals will be made designated to the Coronavirus patients in Kabul.

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UN appeals financial aid for vulnerable countries

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(Last Updated On: May 8, 2020)

A UN report says that humanitarians are seeking nearly $7 billion to protect millions of lives in over 60 most affected countries amid the spread of COVID-19.

According to the report, the updated Global Humanitarian Response Plan provides help and protection that prioritize the most vulnerable in society, older people, people with disabilities, and women and girls, in particular.

UN Humanitarian Coordinator Mark Lowcock has warned of a significant rise in conflict, hunger, and poverty, as well as looming famine, unless action is taken now.

He has said, “If we do not support the poorest people – especially women and girls and other vulnerable groups – as they battle the pandemic and impacts of the global recession, we will all be dealing with the spillover effects for many years to come. That would prove even more painful, and much more expensive, for everyone.”

The report writes, “The updated plan builds on an earlier appeal made by the UN Secretary-General in late March which called for $2 billion.”

In a video message, urging donors to step up support to stop the pandemic from circling back around the globe, António Guterres says, “Humanitarian aid is not just a moral imperative; it is a practical necessity to combat the virus.”

He highlights, “If COVID-19 wreaks havoc in the poorest places, we are all at risk.”

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World Bank approves $400 million grant for Afghanistan

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(Last Updated On: May 8, 2020)

The $400 million grant by the World Bank is to alleviate the COVID-19 crisis in Afghanistan.

The World Bank approved $400 million Friday to sustain reform momentum and mitigate crisis caused by COVID-19 in Afghanistan.

In a press release Friday, the World Bank announced that its board of executive directors approved a $400 million grant for Afghanistan.

The grant is aimed “to help Afghanistan sustain the pace of key economic and public finance reforms, and support the country to manage current risks and uncertainties compounded by the COVID-19 crisis”.

The release highlights, “The Incentive Program Development Policy Grant comprises $160 million from the International Development Association (IDA).”

“The World Bank Group’s fund for the poorest countries, and $240 million from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), managed by the World Bank on behalf of 34 donors,” said in the press release.

Aryan News Analytical

As per estimates, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, millions of dollars in financial aid have flowed into the administration of Afghanistan.

Point to be noted for the time to reveal is know where and how these funds will actually be spent – whether they will be managed transparently in and for what is meant for.

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