Eight Guards of Nizamuddin Qaisari Released Days After Being Imprisoned

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2018)

At least eight guards of Nizamuddin Qaisari, a commander loyal to Gen. Dostum were released on Friday and six of them were sent to Maimana and Qaisar district, the governor of Faryab province said.

The governor of Faryab, Naqibullah Fayeq stated that seven guards of Qaisari are still in prison but will be freed in the near future.

The commander, area police chief Nizamuddin Qaisari, was arrested after a violent dispute during a meeting with leaders of government security forces on Monday, drawing angry protests from Dostum’s supporters.
The dispute has highlighted fragile security in Faryab, where Islamic State fighters have gained a foothold, battling militia commanders loosely affiliated with the government.

The first vice President, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, in exile in Turkey after accusations that he ordered a political opponent to be tortured and sexually assaulted, issued a statement calling for the release of Qaisari and warning that the province, on the border with Turkmenistan, could collapse in chaos.

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