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Efforts Underway to Recapture Qalay Zall District of Kunduz: MoD

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2017)

Afghan-forces-recapture-district-in-Helmand-province-from-TalibanAfghanistan Ministry of Defense (MoD) says efforts are underway for recapturing the Qalay Zall district of Kunduz province from Taliban group.

Spokesman of MoD, Muhammad Radmanish said, “the clearing efforts are underway, but the war is still ongoing in Qalay Zall. We are committed to clear the district from insurgents.”

Three days passed since the collapse of the Qalay Zall district to Taliban, but Kunduz inhabitants claim no measures have been taken by the government.

Chairman of the Lower House of Parliament, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi also expressed concern over Kunduz security situation and accused the government of negligence. “I personally contacted to defense minister 24 hours before the collapse of the district and he assured as to not lose the control but after 24 hours the district collapsed to enemies’ hands.”

Kunduz residence say the government has no time for taking decision, it should take action for securing the province as soon as possible.

Representative of Kunduz in Parliament, Kamal Safi said, “it is now three days that the forces stuck in Naw Abad Kunduz and they had no air and ground support.”

Taliban militants carried out a group attack on Aqtepa in Qala-e-Zal district on Friday morning and captured the district.

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